How did we get our start?

KUNMI was launched in 2021 with a clear aim. That is to provide high quality clothings for women, to meet their multiple occasion needs and show their uniqueness and charming inner.

What makes our products unique?

We understand the insights of women, the core of their thoughts and the inspirit they pursuit in life. Because we are the same. We know what kind of designs & fabrics may cheer up women and give them confidence.

Why do we love what we do?

People judge you the way you get dressed up. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any compromises.We are willing that our clothings could be part of every important moment for women, to witness and celebrate their life together with them.

  • "The leather is sourced from environmentally friendly tanneries in Italy, France, and Turkey, where Rure is based and everything is assembled by hand."

  • "All too often, we're forced to pick: style, or sustainability. Recently, more designers have been making environmental impact a top priority"